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Antler Sustainability Toolkit

Antler is a unique investor in founders and early-stage companies, with cohorts operating out offices around the world, including here in the business and creative hub of Toronto.

Antler’s Partner’s have recently shared this sustainable founder toolkit with our team, which we’re pleased to pass on to you.

In order for ESG to be more than a buzzword in the investment and business communities, these practices must mean more than environmental and social good. They have to work, both in establishing and adapting new procedures, ensuring viable, ongoing growth and achieving sustainability in every sense of the word.

This open-source founder checklist is an exceptional resource filled with real world examples of goals, processes, policies, investor questions, tools and advice from over 1000 users.

The Antler Sustainability Toolkit Includes:

• Sustainability concepts for startups 

• How to build a sustainability roadmap 

• How to identify and prioritize non-financial factors that affect company performance 

• First steps for operational best practices

• How best practices evolve as a company grows 

• Recommended implementation tools and platforms 

• Advised metrics for investors: What to track, when, and how?  

• Impact company frameworks and measurement

As this toolkit is an ongoing, open-source project, founders are welcome to contribute case studies, success stories, and lessons learned to enrich the available resources.